Dual-spectrum turntable with built-in 384~640 thermal imaging 300~1500mm focal length HD camera

Dual-spectrum turntable with built-in 384~640 thermal imaging 300~1500mm focal length HD camera


Dual-spectrum turntable with built-in 384~640 thermal imaging 300~1500mm focal length HD camera

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This series of products integrates laser illuminators or combines thermal imager, foggy high-definition digital camera, transparent fog lens, high-precision digital echo anti-vibration platform and intelligent analysis system, which are assembled by scientific and advanced means. Good contrast, clear image, high-resolution low-illumination color-turning black camera, continuous day and night monitoring, night-time detection of target activities, vehicles, facilities and other targets at 0.5-15 km [different models]; Real-time monitoring and management.

g Characteristics

1], support remote restart and upgrade functions to improve product life;

2], night vision distance is optional from 0.5-15 km, with auto focus function;

3], using the spectroscopic technology, the laser utilization rate is as high as 100%;

4], the horizontal speed is up to 80 ° / s; the horizontal 360 ° rotation, vertical -80° ~ +80°;

5], lens, pan/tilt and laser sync zoom and preset function make operation simpler and more intelligent;

7], support a variety of visible light lenses, real-time return orientation, lens focal length, lens focus position;

6], low power design, using DC direct drive motor, effectively remove the power loss caused by the transmission;

8], using laser beam reforming technology, the beam quality is good, the spot is uniform, and the laser density is high;

9], the external adjustment of the optical axis, no disassembly, convenient maintenance, service life of more than 20,000 hours;

10], can be equipped with infrared thermal imager, visible light lens, infrared laser illuminator, laser range finder and other equipment;

11], optional AC24V/DC24V/DC36V/DC48 multiple power supply modes; with multiple protection functions such as overheating, overcurrent, overvoltage;

12], intelligent temperature control system, waterproof, heat-dissipation design, plug-in connection between pan/tilt and shield, no wiring required;

13], the positioning accuracy of the turntable is high, up to ±0.05°, the infinitely variable speed control system, the operation is more stable and reliable;

14], weight loss and split design, the weight is not higher than 70Kg, the sphere can be transported separately or installed for easy installation and maintenance

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g Application field

Forest fire prevention, airport runway, urban high-altitude observation, land and resources conservation, oilfield burglary, port terminal, waterway, railway transportation, environmental monitoring, border defense, fishery management, mariculture, water conservancy, maritime search and rescue, wetland protection, etc. place.

g Camera monitoring distance reference value correspondence table


g Thermal imaging monitoring distance reference value correspondence table


With 14 years[2005~2019] of accumulated precipitation


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