24~48 disk security storage and forwarding management machine, IP SAN architecture video direct writ

24~48 disk security storage and forwarding management machine, IP SAN architecture video direct writ


24~48 disk security storage and forwarding management machine, IP SAN architecture video direct writ

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    Integrated integrated management platform server, is designed for network HD monitoring the overall solution design, set management, storage, forwarding, control integration products, embedded professional security integrated platform management system software, can be fine and perfect system management, can focus on Management of massive front-end equipment, storage devices, decoding matrix on the wall and other equipment to support multi-level server cluster, cascade, to provide customers with a comprehensive security management system. Can be widely used in public security, transportation, justice, buildings, finance, energy, education and other areas of security.


>>Embedded professional management platform system

Embedded professional security integrated platform management system software, the administrator can focus on the entire system to set the front-end equipment parameters, storage strategies, electronic maps, user rights and other system parameters, and then achieve unified management of resources, management;

>>High performance processor

  Using high-performance 64-bit multi-core processor and cache, perfect system docking, so that other systems access, combined with more simple and stable, so that the system more efficient application of monitoring projects;

>>Real-time backup of system information

  System key information in the system card and hard disk synchronization real-time backup, to prevent some hardware failure causes the application can not be restored;

>>Multi-functional integration

  Equipment set management, storage, forwarding, control functions as a whole, to achieve a multi-purpose function of the application can be an independent network can also be with the system network;

>>Support multi-level server cluster, cascade

  Support large-scale monitoring of audio and video access, you can achieve clustering and cascading to facilitate the large-scale use and expansion of the system, the system architecture more stable;

>>Humanized operation and maintenance interface

  Provide a key configuration function, the user can quickly complete the system configuration; support SADP protocol, can automatically search the LAN online storage; provide a friendly and friendly graphical interface, the user can be informed of the equipment running status information (key components, storage resources, Control information, etc.); at the same time equipment to provide a wealth of alarm management, support for lights, SMS and e-mail and other alarm methods to enhance the efficiency of equipment maintenance;

>>High-performance streaming data management structure

  To achieve the pre-allocation strategy based on naked space, to avoid file system damage caused by the file is not readable or lost, while avoiding the accumulation of file fragmentation caused by the write performance attenuation to ensure stable performance;

>>Simple and open architecture

  Support front-end to RTSP / ONVIF and other protocols to support the support to sdk access * Kang, * and our products, support the public network frontier to take the initiative to register access; support from IPC / DVS / DVR / NVR / Exclusive streaming media server directly take streaming video, and integrated data streaming media forwarding services;

>>Advanced network transmission

  Using rtp over rtsp (TCP) way to transmit stream, eliminating the need for media port management. Only need to map a little port, that can be online to the client or mobile phone access;

>>Adapt to a variety of architectures

  Can be used as an independent centralized management, storage and forwarding, active registration, alarm and other services in one of the storage server. Can also be registered to the master of the central management server, as a distributed system from the server;

>>Alarm management and video linkage

  Support a variety of alarm information such as motion detection, signal loss, I/O alarm, and video masking, such as IPC, NVR or alarm host, for alarm source, alarm event, receiving object and alarm type Unified management and query, support alarm linkage video;

>>Rich video application service

  Support alarm recording, video recording, manual recording and other video; support for internal data backup equipment and equipment remote data backup, to further improve the safety and reliability of data;

>>Detection of equipment operating status

   Detection of IPC, DVR, NVR and other equipment connection status, visual display equipment online, offline and prompted the reasons;

>>Perfect log management

   Rich server log information, you can quickly troubleshoot problems through the log to ensure the stability of the system operation, the need to reduce the trouble of technical support;

>>CPU smart FM

   According to the CPU utilization to dynamically adjust its frequency, thereby reducing system power consumption;

>>Fan fine intelligent speed control

   To provide intelligent fine speed control strategy, effectively improve the cooling efficiency, reduce noise;

>>Hard disk smart sleep

   Can be based on the business load situation, so that some or all of the hard disk without reading and writing into sleep mode, reduce energy waste, extend the life of the hard disk;

>>Remote server configuration

   The system administrator can manage the centralized monitoring system through IE in any place where the Internet can be accessed, the operation is simple and powerful; the administrator can monitor the running status of the equipment through the remote, modify the parameters of the equipment;

>>Memory self-opening function

   After the sudden power failure, the device automatically maintain the working state before the power off automatically, without human operation start button;

>>Redundant power supply

   When a power supply fails, another power supply can immediately take over its work to achieve the server's high availability stability;

>>High density chassis design

   4U chassis can support 24 hard drives. Advanced chassis design process, the use of intelligent cooling system to effectively reduce noise pollution, to create a box of constant temperature space, full shielding anti-electromagnetic radiation, anti-interference, anti-static (EMI) design for a variety of application environments.


Parameter / Model








High-performance 64-bit processor

operating system


Stream type

H.264/H.265 Limited stream or variable stream

Transmission rate




Business module
Remote management, PTZ control, two-way intercom, log query, integrated CMS / LAN, remote management, PTZ control, two-way intercom, multi-screen browsing, automatic round robin, video storage, historical playback, alarm linkage, TV wall management, device cascade, user management, DAS / MTS / SS four system services
Management ability
Forwarding capability

Storage capacity



StorageHDD interface
3.5 inch 16,Max 6TB
3.5 inch 24,Max 6TB
3.5 inch 36,Max 6TB
3.5 inch 484,Max 6TB
HDD installation
Standalone disk bays, hot-swappable support SATA 3Gb / s, 6Gb / s specification
RAID mode
Hardware-level Raid0,1,5,6,10,50, JBOD, support for global and dedicated hot spare parts
Data protection
WORM Tamper Protection, System Information Real Time Backup, Volume Cloning
RecorderRecorder mode
Regular video, manual video, master code stream video, alarm video and other video recording
Video backup
Native backup, network backup
Inquiry mode
inquiry mode Query by time, event type
Download mode
Quick download, bulk download, segment download, merge download



Video format


Decoding resolution


Image adjustment

Brightness, chroma, contrast, saturation

Compression standard

Video:SVAC,H.264,H.265/AVC,MPEG-4,MJPEG Audio:G.71

Coded frame rate


I/ONetwork Interface
USB interface
USB 2.0 *2
NetworkNetwork protocol


End-to-end delay
Digital compression encoded video within 200ms




Password authentication

0SD parameter


Embedded WEB


Configuration mode


Upgrade method

Support for local upgrades and remote upgrades


PC Client


Web Client


Mobile client
IOS and Android

User Management

Support for user privilege grouping rights management,login authentication management.



Support for front-end digital devices, HD-SDI, analog device configuration management functions, support for TV wall management functions.

Storage management

Supports management of storage devices.

Log management

Record the device operation log, the device alarm log, and provide the query function.


Power supply

180V~240V 500~1000W

Equipment size


Equipment weight

Work: 5 ℃ ~ 40 ℃ Storage: -20 ℃ ~ 70 ℃


Work: 20% ~ 80% RH (no icing, no condensation) Storage: 5% ~ 95% RH (no icing, no condensation)

PTZWith 14 years[2005~2019] of accumulated precipitation PTZ



JieShiAn or KaiDian