CCTV management system, video surveillance system software, support Internet/LAN/VPN environment

CCTV management system, video surveillance system software, support Internet/LAN/VPN environment


CCTV management system, video surveillance system software, support Internet/LAN/VPN environment

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      The DSMS security integrated management platform software system is an indispensable core part of the monitoring system. It can carry out fine and complete system management, can centrally manage mass front-end equipment, storage equipment, decoding matrix on the wall and other equipment, support multi-level server cluster, level Lianlian provides customers with a complete security management system.

█ Professional management platform software

Embedded professional DSMS operating platform system software, administrators can centrally set system parameters such as front-end device parameters, storage strategies, electronic maps, user permissions, etc. of the entire system, thereby achieving unified control and management of resources;

█ Stable operating system

Based on Linux/Windows [optional] operating system, high-performance 64-bit processor and high-speed cache, perfect system connection, make the access and combination of other systems easier and more stable, so that the system is more efficiently used in monitoring projects ;

█ Powerful centralized management

It has the entire centralized monitoring center management background function, including the organization management and setting of the centralized monitoring center management platform; the realization of rights management (video channels, data signals, etc.) for streaming media servers, storage devices, various monitoring points, video stream forwarding strategy management and Settings etc.;

█ Support multi-level server cluster and cascade

Support large-scale surveillance video access, which can achieve clustering and cascading, which facilitates the large-scale application and expansion of the system, and the system architecture is more stable;

█ Support adding user administrators and permission assignment

Support management of multiple system user groups and multiple user roles, multiple operation management rights can be freely assigned to different roles and users

█ Support alarm management and video linkage

Support IPC, NVR or alarm host in the front of the system to upload multiple alarm information such as: motion detection, signal loss, I/O alarm, and video occlusion upload center to realize the unification of alarm source, alarm event, receiving object and alarm type Management and query, support alarm linkage recording.

█ Support ONVIF/RTSP

The system supports ONVIF and RTSP protocols, compatible with mainstream brands of front-end cameras, encoders, network hard disk recorders, and matrix access; supports access with ONVIF, RTSP or private SDK protocols, and supports LAN or WAN [active registration access and P2P mode] Hybrid networking;

█ Support multi-terminal connection

The system supports both B/S and C/S modes, providing computer-based and Android-based client programs.

█ Check the running status of the equipment

Check the connection status of IPC, DVR, NVR and other devices, visually display the online and offline status of the device and prompt the reason;

█ Perfect log management

Abundant server log information, you can quickly check the problem through the log to ensure the stable operation of the system and reduce the trouble of technical support;

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Laser PTZ Camera

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