Network PTZ control keyboard, support ONVIF protocol PTZ camera access management

Network PTZ control keyboard, support ONVIF protocol PTZ camera access management


Network PTZ control keyboard, support ONVIF protocol PTZ camera access management

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The network video decoding control keyboard is a network control keyboard with a decoding function, which has strong maneuverability, which effectively solves the current problems of inaccurate and inconvenient mouse click control of the ball machine. High-end atmosphere, unique surface hardening can effectively prevent scratches; the use of a 5-inch LCD screen shows excellent results, and the image decoding experience is better.

Support standard Onvif protocol, good compatibility, strong scalability, easy to operate, only a few steps to achieve perfect control of network dome camera.

g Features

● Support network control mode, with independent IP address;

● Adopt self-designed knob function to realize PTZ speed and variable speed adjustment;

● 5-inch industrial LCD screen, resolution 800 * 480, image decoding, real-time monitoring;

● Support ONVIF protocol; support standard POE power supply; good system compatibility and easy operation;

● Has shortcut key operations such as setting preset, adjusting preset, setting cruise, setting cruise, setting scan, and adjusting scan;

● Variable speed four-dimensional joystick for control, twisting the joystick can directly control the pan-tilt camera to rotate in all directions

The zoom of the lens is zoomed in and out, and the speed can be controlled according to the intensity of the joystick control.

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g Application

Various important meeting places, such as government and telecommunications departments, public security, procuratorates, courts, banks, securities, insurance, education, taxation and other industries, control cameras in a simple and fast way.

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Laser PTZ Camera

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