TSOZY600LA Photoelectric ptz camera,built-in 300~750mm 1080P or 4K camer and 3000~4000m laser

TSOZY600LA Photoelectric ptz camera,built-in 300~750mm 1080P or 4K camer and 3000~4000m laser


TSOZY600LA Photoelectric ptz camera,built-in 300~750mm 1080P or 4K camer and 3000~4000m laser

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Product description

This series of products integrates laser illuminators or combines thermal imaging cameras, high-definition digital cameras, high-definition fog lenses, high-precision digital echo-resistant anti-seismic gimbals, and intelligent analysis systems. They are integrated through scientific and advanced means and have a background. Good contrast, clear imaging, use high-resolution low-illumination color-to-black camera, continuous day and night monitoring, the most distant people can be found at 0.5-12 km [different models] at different activities, vehicles, facilities and other goals; achieve all-weather Real-time monitoring and management.


= Using spectroscope technology, the laser utilization rate is as high as 100%

= Support AC24V/DC24V/DC36V/DC48 multiple power supply modes self-adaptive

= It has multiple protection functions such as overheating, overcurrent and overvoltage

= The night vision distance is 0.5-12 km optional; the lens has an automatic focusing function

= Can set, demonstrate, run, delete, preset position, cruise path, pattern scan, left and right scan

= Through the fog function, effectively improve the monitoring range and image clarity in foggy environment

= The horizontal speed of the turntable is up to 55°/s; the horizontal 360° rotates infinitely, vertically -45°~+45°

= The external fine adjustment of the optical axis does not need to be disassembled, and maintenance is convenient

= Laser and camera synchronous zoom and preset position function make the operation simpler and more intelligent

= Photosensitive automatic control function, laser and camera can be automatically switched to black and white mode

= Using Gaussian laser beam reforming technology, the beam quality is good, the light spot is uniform, and the laser density is high

= Intelligent temperature control system, waterproof and heat dissipation design to ensure long-term stable operation of the equipment

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Laser PTZ Camera

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