HSOTLLA series Laser PTZ Camera with built-in 20X or 33X HD camera and lase

HSOTLLA series Laser PTZ Camera with built-in 20X or 33X HD camera and lase


HSOTLLA series Laser PTZ Camera with built-in 20X or 33X HD camera and lase

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g Features

= Aluminum alloy structure design, waterproof grade IP66

= Optional 384*288 or 640*480 thermal imager movement integration

= Horizontal manual speed up to 160°/S, vertical manual speed up to 55°/S

= Support ONVIF, GB28181 protocol, can provide SDK for easy integration

= Anti-fog: Direct heating with heated glass, removing mist in about 5 minutes

= Horizontal 360 degree continuous rotation, vertical ±90 degree, automatic flip

= Select laser synchronous generator, irradiation distance is 500 or 1000 meters

= Preset positions: 255, horizontal speed up to 160°/S, vertical speed up to 80°/S

= Support cold start at -35℃, can be used in severe cold areas: antifreeze, dustproof

= Upper and lower structure design of camera and infrared cylinder, customers install the camera faster

= Brake motor is used to support the gimbal self-locking and enhance the gimbal's wind resistance level

= Isolated power supply design, high stability, vehicle power supply voltage input range: DC9V~DC36V

= Strong resistance to electromagnetic interference, suitable for complex environments such as the power industry

g Dimensions


g Application

l Safe City

l Telemedicine

l Outdoor sports

l Mobility control

l Wedding Recording

l Distance education

l Law enforcement vehicles

l Road administration vehicles

l Highway mobile law enforcement

l Urban management law enforcement

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g System applications

Laser PTZ Camera

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